Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful mixed Asian, Nikita Esco, in a bikini

Nikita Esco

Ethnicity: 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 French
Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 103
Stats: 34C-24-34

Nikita Esco is an unbelievably bad girl in a thong! This hot glamour model is a go-go dancer who wraps her body twisting and turning on a pole. You'll be pulling out your money to see this beauty in no time!

Read more on Nikita Esco at Her bio: Although I love dancing for huge companies at massive venues, my favorite part about being a go go dancer is when I'm hired by promoters for various nightclubs, because that is when I get to mix in with new crowds in new cities and meet new, amazing people. I always tell people I dance to express, not impress. Dancing is...(Read More!)

Read more on Nikita Esco interview at Pure Hot Models: My favorite modeling story is when 8 of us went to Singapore for Super Import Nights and we all missed our flight back to the US and got stuck there for 3 extra days. lol...(Read More!)

Read more on Nikita Esco interview at IGN: Well I have tons of hobbies, but to sum it all up, I'm a casino junkie, pool shark, and a Beer Pong Champion of the World! (Read More!)

Read More on Nikita Esco interview at ModFX Models: I was a bad girl in high school. I got kicked out of three schools. Don't get me wrong, I had good grades, but I just couldn't make it to school on time.(Read More!)

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