Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Filipina girl, Miss CJ Miles, in a tiny thong

CJ Miles

Website: www.MissCJMiles.com
Ethnicity: Filipina
Height: 4 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 92 lbs.
Stats: 32C-22-32

Watching CJ Miles in full motion, is definitely an experience you won't forget. As they say, good things come in small packages. This is so true with this busty but tiny Asian model. CJ Miles knows how to booty shake more than any other naked Asian girls. You know how the butt starts going in and out and in and out. That is BOOTY HUMPIN' for your horny fantasy. CJ Miles has both of these moves mastered. Hot butt here, hot butt there, and very hot butt everywhere with lots of boobie shots mixed in too! Her energy level is sky high. Just the movement of this girl's body is enough to excite. But you know what? This bad girl in a thong was one of the sweetest glamour models. Definitely devoted to her fans and doing her best to acquire more, CJ gives everything she's got to her modeling.

More on CJ Miles at Nitin Productions: CJ Miles gives new meaning to the phrase "Wild and Horny". She is from Las Vegas, Neveda, and we believe she is the sole reason why that city never sleeps. CJ's shape is immaculate from head to toe. Her flawlessly golden-brown skin glides over each... Read More!

See more pics of CJ Miles at Top Asian Models: CJ is an up-and-coming Filipina model hailing from the City of Sin. Being in Vegas and all, shes loves hitting the clubs and go go dancing. Despite all the crazy night life, she still tries to keep... Read More!
More on CJ Miles at Pixacom: Pixacom: Uh, yeah. Lets get down to the nitty-gritty. Top, bottom or doggy? CJ Miles: doggy! for realz!! :) Pixacom: Slow and sensual or quick and kinky? CJ Miles: all of the above! depends on the mood!! Pixacom: Leather or lace?... Read More!

More on CJ Miles at Jizo Entertainment: JIZO: Hmm, what part of your body do you like the most? CJMiles:I like my eyes, but all the guys say my butt. JIZO: What food do you like to eat? CJMiles: Phillipino, and Japanese food. JIZO: What turns you on about a guy? ... Read More!

More on CJ Miles at Whip Work: WW: What do you look for in a date? CJ: Honesty, Humor, and someone who is comfortable with themselves. WW: Any shout outs, comments, or words of wisdom? CJ: Treat everyone with sencerity & respect, live your life to the fullest.... Read More!

More on CJ Miles at FHM Philippines: Why do you think the Americans like you so much? They really appreciate Asian beauties because we look far younger for our age compared to Americans. And you know—they love our long black hair because, if you notice, most .... Read More!

More on CJ Miles at Foxes: Be careful what you dare this girl to do. Be careful because if it's daring, she's going to do it! "Hey CJ.", we said, "How about doing a set of photos out front of the house. Just be careful because cars go by, the neighbor across the street is home, and you might be seen naked. Want to do it?" We were joking of course -- we never expected her to do it. "Yes, let's do it.", she replied, "I don't... Read More!

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