Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tiny bad Asian girl in thong, Cristal Vang

Cristal Vang

Website: www.CristalVangOnline.com
Ethnicity: Hmong
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100
Stats: 32D-22-28

Cristal Vang is a sexy young Asian girl
who looks amazing in her green bikini party girl bikini. This hot import nights
has a perfect body. Cristal Vang is bad girl in a thong. This sexy Asian dirty little girl will leave you begging for more!

More on Cristal Vang at Top Asian Models: As of late, Cristal has been traveling all over Cali, but often finds gerself running back to where it feels just like home, MERCED! Where the hell is Merced anyway? She is family oriented, loves funny movies... Read More!

More Cristal Vang at Asian Sirens: That automatically makes her awesome, so be respectful. She is one of the Hmong Hotties, and she is addicted to green gummy bears...(Read More!)

Cristal Vang's Model Mayhem page: My opinion is that the most important aspect in life is to not give up. Never o­nce have I ever let anyone put me down or tell me I’m inadequate. The word CANT is not in my vocabulary nor should it be in anyone else’s. DEUCES..PLEASE RECYCLE...(Read More!)

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